When it comes to fire prevention, site audits and other building safety solutions, only the highest levels of quality and reliability will do. From the very beginning of our journey in this field, we have retained this focus. Everything we offer to our clients is delivered with their needs — and the needs of their customers, their tenants, and all other members of the public — in mind. Personal and public safety is always paramount.

With this in mind, we set about putting together a range of different services designed to protect New Zealand's citizens and to keep this country a safe, healthy and prosperous place to be. These services work alongside the government's own guidelines and requirements and help businesses to stay compliant and up to date.

A Fully Accredited and Certified Team

Of course, this means staying compliant and up to date ourselves. We display our industry accreditation, certification and other credentials with pride, and we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the industry curve. In other words, when you call upon our services, you can rest assured that your business is benefiting from up-to-the-minute advice and leading-edge expertise.

Our professionals have received relevant certification across all the fields we operate in. From pool inspections through to site audits, and from fire safety equipment supply and maintenance through to evacuation scheme development, all of the services we offer are backed up by independent accreditation and assessment.

Peace of mind is crucial when it comes to building compliance and fire safety, and this is what we deliver.